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October 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

After I wandered around the city & outside for a week through many places (Suanlum Night,Pattaya,Ratchada Night,Saparn Put,JJ Market,Siam Square,etc…) im familiar with, theses are trends I noticed that are being quite a hit right now; round sunglasses, mushroom hairstyle, hippie look, and stripe trend.

Round sunglasses are very adorable and trendy that can easily make people look so chic and fabulous. I’m also a big fan of this type of sunglasses, Linda Farrow and Sonia Rykiel in particular. They can fit with any styles of clothings and I personally believe that more and more of Bangkok people will start to wear them. Maybe, becuase they already get bored of the Raybans that can be seen everywhere.

Mushroom Hairstyle can seriously be seen more and more right now, both men and women. Before I only see this style on men but not anymore, many chic and trendy women have this haircut and I think it really looks so duper cool. It can look real hot and sexy with red lips and tight dresses and it also can be very cute and casual with just jeans and sneakers.  

Hippie look is absolutely eye-catching and fashionable. This style super suits with the hot weather in Thailand. Hippie look is just too adorable that I start to follow and wear it. It can look a bit naugthy too in a cute way. It can be like a cowboy, old floral prints, or faded denims or even Native-American style. The trend in BKK before encoraged women to wear only leggings, stockings, lace, tight dresses, short skirts, all black, etc so hippie is a perfect choice now becuase it breaks those old styles into something new and interesting like a boots or loose & colorful shirts.

Stripe, stripe, stripe !! No one can deny the fact that stripe trend is very intrend right now. It seems that this trend can  be observed all the time becuase of it casual sense and pretty look that this trend gives to alomost every wearer. It can be in form of long dresses, shirts, skirts, or even shoes and bags. The most popular would be in form of   long dresses, following by tops.

“Walking home in the night 
Colours shine, city lights
Water drops through the trees
Wash the dust from the leaves
Concentric circles
Lead To Home…”
(Basement Tape, Circles)




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