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they are loved…amazingly awesome<3


Casual Men

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I think that  if guys wears shorts with good tops, they can create a very cool and awesome look. These four pictures can prove that I am right. The first two looks are in grey and beige, which are very simple but still pretty cool to me. I’m so bored of seeing guys wear jeans all the time. They should play more on their outfits to create something new to wear. The third look from Commes des Garcons is absoultely cool. The print is awesome  and the style is very pleased to my eyes. I really like this third look very much. It is all in darker tone, just simply dark blue/purple and black. The final one is interesting as well, with orange shirt and hat, to make the look more unique. I think guys should wear more shorts, not just jeans and simple tops like t-shirts. I think it is important to them to mix and match different styles to create their own looks and styles. 

Veronique Branquinho, Kris van Asche, Commes des Garçons, Junya Wantanabe

I love these two classic, simple nd basic look from Hermes so very mucho grande. They look so clean and fresh. Nowadays, guys wear a lot of darker tones, such as black and grey, they should wear more beige color like pants and shirts, which can make them look more smart and clean. The pants are not too skinny and look very comfprtable. To make the looks more cool, adding some ties or jackets would not hurt and Tod’s kid of shoes are super cool, too. I would like to see more guys wearing this style.

Dressup men

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Who said that wearing formal clothes are boring. Take a closer look at these 3 styles of fashion. The first look might be a bit too normal, however with the shiny material the designer used makes this look more interesting. Plus with the fold-up pants and the matching of white shirt and sneaker encourage the final look to be more unique and fun for guys . The second one is quite interesting as well with the printed t-shirt worn over shiny suits and pants. It is a very nice dress-up style for men. he third one is a very formal one with nothing very outstanding but I still like this look very much since the fabric is unique. The style of the suit can hardly be seen on teenagers.

Kris van Asche, Viktor & Rolf, Dries van Noten

These two styles are very interesting and fun. I really love these two particular look very much. I think men should play lot more on patterns and colors.  The second one is more like a teddy boy look with light blue suits, which is very adorable. The first look will be appropriate for punk or street people to wear for formal events.

Junya Watanabe & Viktor & Rolf

One  feature I can observe in this look is a cowboy  hat, which can seriously add more fun on these looks. It consists of polka dot pattern, which I love it and I even love it more with the necklace and a matching polka dot vest. This is one of my ideal dress-up style for men. Guys should not be afraid to wear some girly patterns or prints becuase they are all so adorable and fancy.

Ann Demeulemeester


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This is from the Sonia Rykiel spring 2010 collection, picture number 5.  I think it is such a adorable casual look. The short jumpsuit in shiny red that gives a little bit of boyish look and the black kind of cowbot hat with fringe decoration are very pretty. To complete this look, the orang woodstock shoes are necessary. I think this look is important in the sense that you should never be afraid to play with colours and designs since some different things when throw in together can make a more interesting look.

I also like this look very much. Even though it is a bit messy but it is still very cute in ints way. She chose only pastel colours for her clothing and contrast the look with black stocking and pretty organe ankle wood boots. Her coat is much like a bath rope. This look is important because the wearer is not afraid to be stand out, even though her outer wear is much like a bath rope.

I love this look. The wearer is also very cute. Her look is very adorable. She wore light brown fur vest over the light grey  jacket. She also wore a white short lace dress underneath the jacket. She also wore white stocking and grey boots to complete her look. Her outfit makes her look so fabulously stylish, without any effort. This outfit shows me that girly piece can still be macted with more of a tomboy piece like her boot.

This outfit is abosolutely such a girly cutie. Her beige oversize suit and pleated skrit are very pretty and mactching. She added a little somthing on her suit, which made it more prettier. She contrasted the beige with black ankle leather boots, black leater gloves, rayban-shaped glasses, black stocking, as well as her black/white see-through polkadot shirt. The see-through shirt gives a little sexiness into her outfit. The hat she wore even made her outfit more perfect and adorable. Plus, her beige clutch with decoration of fluffy flowers around it is just too chic. It is fun to mix and match different things.

This look is more like a simple and boyish one but still it is very adorable and very chic to me. The printed kind of see-through shirt in grey and white is very nice. It really goes well with the navy blue 3/4pants. Her red tiny belt encoraged her casual look. With a bit of messy golden hair and her beige ankle wedges boot really makes she looks so trendy. Who said you can not wear high heel with this boyish look? Mix and mactch is an important thing.

This is another one of my fovourite look. This is more like a biker chic look. What I love most about this outfit is the leopard pattern. Her dark brown leopard biker jacket is very up-to-date and her orange brown leopard ankle boot is just too chihc that I also want to have one. Her outfit  looks more  like a biker but still gives a sense of a trendy playful wmen because of her greeny flower short and tight dress, with the black stocking that can gives both the warmth and finishing awesome look. This outfit is important in a way that no one should be afraid to express your style out although it is not like other people. Play with prints and patterns to create more unique and chic look.


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Theses Mcqueen dresses are magnificient. They are perfect, unique and it so inspiring. They are more like a futuristic look like from outer space. I love them. I would love to buy one of the design and I would love to wear it. The shoes are beautifully gorgeous. The second look is super unique with two types of sleeves in one dress, short and long sleeves in different colours. The shape of the third dress is very interesting and gorgeous as well. The first two pictures are more like snake patterns. While the third one is more like what would futuristic queen would wear, golden shiny fabric and the shawl that sticks on the dress. The designer is so much fun and he loves to experience new  style, which is very important to the fashion world. People should be more creeative and have vision for something new.

Alexander Mcqueen, Spring 2010 (4, 17, 19 out of 46)

I am in love with this white lovely dress from Celine, just like love at first sight. It is so pretty, so elegant, and unique in its way. The sleeve all covers in whie fluffy fur. The shape and sillohuette are perfect. The style can not be denial. Matching it with red high heels and black stocking, this is just too perfect. I would love to wear one. It is nice to be standout once in a while, especially in this pretty cocktail dress.

Celine Prefall 2010 (14, 15 out of 24)

This fire peplum red dress is perfect. It is so elegant and luxury. The decoration on the dress is unsual but cute. The silloutthe and shape of the dress is perfectly fit. I like the way that this dress is unlike other dress.

Lanvin Spring 20010 (6 out of 53)

Something simple yet elegant always gives a perfect upshot. This is just so femenine and stunning. The fabric is absoutely gorgeous, which gives a feeling of softness and some pretty movement to this outfit.

Elie Saab Spring 2010 Couture (17 out of 45)

This outfit, eventhough is quite messy but I just adore it so much. I love the overall look so much. The line and shape of the outfit is very unique. The print is very interesting. People should play more on prints and colors.

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2010 (15 out of 54)

It is important as a fashion designer to find hir or her muse and inspiration and I believe this Dior dress is such a suitable example.  The line of the dress is absolutely stunning. The top is just like a flower with some red fur decoration. The designer contrasts it with the light blue pleated skirt and the purple cuff . The yellow ribbon as a belt gives a very interesting outcome to this dress. The shoe doesn’t want to play a big secne, so the plastic clear high heel is just right.

Christian Dior Fall 2010 (2 out of 31)

Malcolm McLaren as a creator of Punk Fashion in 1970’s

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– In, 1971,   Malcolm with his girlfriend, Vivienne Westwood opened a punk clothing shop in London that was called “Let it rock” on King road. It was renamed many time from “Too Fast Too Live Too Young To Die” to “Sex” to “Seditionaries”and to World’s End”

– New York Dolls band

– Sex Pistols

– Hip Hop to UK

– Singer

– Innovator

– Promoter


His Quotes:

Mr. McLaren spent much of the last 30 years trying to explain punk. “I never thought the Sex Pistols would be any good,” he told The Times of London last year. “But it didn’t matter if they were bad.”

In a 1997 article for The New Yorker, Mr. McLaren recalled, “We set out to make an environment where we could truthfully run wild.” On most days the shop did not open until the evening and closed within a few hours. The goal, Mr. McLaren wrote, “was to sell nothing at all.”



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André Courrèges for 1960’s fashion

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André Courrèges was a french designer who was born in 1923 and he first worked for Balenciaga but later opened his own shop in 1961. In 1964, he introduced a world to his creation of long trousers for women as well as the go-go boots.  His designs were very unique, strang, and out-of-there, featuring PVC, shiny fabric, colours, and sequins, which really helped him created more of the “space look”. His collection was called “the moon girl look”, which really brought him to every attention and every since then he became so popular as fashion designer of 1960’s.

His moon girl collection was included high skirt in white and silver colours as well as geometric shapes. But that is not all, he was also very famous to bring in trousers suit to the fashion’s word and soon this style became such a big hit to the world.

In 1969, he created the “Gladiator girl look” with breastplate and helmet. This look was influenced by ancient Egyptians and contained outfits that made of heavily sequined bands held together by transparent silk. His models wore squared off bob wigs in metallic colours (bob style was very intrend at the period). He also created a pair of pure white ankle length boots with almost completely flat soles to accompany his collection in 1964. This simple boots because such a quite hit because they were relatively different from other shoe styles and soon he hed released his own version of “Courreges’s boot”.

In the same collection he also lunched the “space-age look” as well, which was a form of futurism. The outfits were crisply cut and mostly all white but sometimes with black accents and stripes. They are fun and lovely clothes for youths in that era.

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