André Courrèges for 1960’s fashion

November 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

André Courrèges was a french designer who was born in 1923 and he first worked for Balenciaga but later opened his own shop in 1961. In 1964, he introduced a world to his creation of long trousers for women as well as the go-go boots.  His designs were very unique, strang, and out-of-there, featuring PVC, shiny fabric, colours, and sequins, which really helped him created more of the “space look”. His collection was called “the moon girl look”, which really brought him to every attention and every since then he became so popular as fashion designer of 1960’s.

His moon girl collection was included high skirt in white and silver colours as well as geometric shapes. But that is not all, he was also very famous to bring in trousers suit to the fashion’s word and soon this style became such a big hit to the world.

In 1969, he created the “Gladiator girl look” with breastplate and helmet. This look was influenced by ancient Egyptians and contained outfits that made of heavily sequined bands held together by transparent silk. His models wore squared off bob wigs in metallic colours (bob style was very intrend at the period). He also created a pair of pure white ankle length boots with almost completely flat soles to accompany his collection in 1964. This simple boots because such a quite hit because they were relatively different from other shoe styles and soon he hed released his own version of “Courreges’s boot”.

In the same collection he also lunched the “space-age look” as well, which was a form of futurism. The outfits were crisply cut and mostly all white but sometimes with black accents and stripes. They are fun and lovely clothes for youths in that era.

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