November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Theses Mcqueen dresses are magnificient. They are perfect, unique and it so inspiring. They are more like a futuristic look like from outer space. I love them. I would love to buy one of the design and I would love to wear it. The shoes are beautifully gorgeous. The second look is super unique with two types of sleeves in one dress, short and long sleeves in different colours. The shape of the third dress is very interesting and gorgeous as well. The first two pictures are more like snake patterns. While the third one is more like what would futuristic queen would wear, golden shiny fabric and the shawl that sticks on the dress. The designer is so much fun and he loves to experience new  style, which is very important to the fashion world. People should be more creeative and have vision for something new.

Alexander Mcqueen, Spring 2010 (4, 17, 19 out of 46)

I am in love with this white lovely dress from Celine, just like love at first sight. It is so pretty, so elegant, and unique in its way. The sleeve all covers in whie fluffy fur. The shape and sillohuette are perfect. The style can not be denial. Matching it with red high heels and black stocking, this is just too perfect. I would love to wear one. It is nice to be standout once in a while, especially in this pretty cocktail dress.

Celine Prefall 2010 (14, 15 out of 24)

This fire peplum red dress is perfect. It is so elegant and luxury. The decoration on the dress is unsual but cute. The silloutthe and shape of the dress is perfectly fit. I like the way that this dress is unlike other dress.

Lanvin Spring 20010 (6 out of 53)

Something simple yet elegant always gives a perfect upshot. This is just so femenine and stunning. The fabric is absoutely gorgeous, which gives a feeling of softness and some pretty movement to this outfit.

Elie Saab Spring 2010 Couture (17 out of 45)

This outfit, eventhough is quite messy but I just adore it so much. I love the overall look so much. The line and shape of the outfit is very unique. The print is very interesting. People should play more on prints and colors.

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2010 (15 out of 54)

It is important as a fashion designer to find hir or her muse and inspiration and I believe this Dior dress is such a suitable example.  The line of the dress is absolutely stunning. The top is just like a flower with some red fur decoration. The designer contrasts it with the light blue pleated skirt and the purple cuff . The yellow ribbon as a belt gives a very interesting outcome to this dress. The shoe doesn’t want to play a big secne, so the plastic clear high heel is just right.

Christian Dior Fall 2010 (2 out of 31)


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