I <3 Lykke Li for her beautiful music & gorgeous style

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Lyyke Li considers as a super duper cool fashion icon and a very awesome and talented singer. I believe that Swedes know how to dress well and Swedes know how to make good music. Lykke Li is a Swedish artist who perfectly combines music and fashion.

It’s no wonder that Lykke Li won the ELLE award for best-dressed Swedish woman in 2008.

She always looks very unique without being overdressed. I find her clothes perfectly reflect her music. Romantic but not tacky, Swedish but not Svensson and cute but not girly.

Characteristic for Lykke Li’s style is the hair bun. Even if she doesn’t wear it that often anymore I still see a lot of girls and even some guys with the hair style.

Lykke Li is a fantastic artist but her attitudes and comments are sometimes pretty annoying. When she won the ELLE award for instance she told the magazine, ‘It felt weird that I won the award. I have found clothes in trashcans my whole life’.

She was dressed in Lagerfeld, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ann-Sofie Back and Acne when she commented on her prize. Is it so uncool to care about style and buy expensive clothes? Even if it is, I think such a comment is even more ridiculous.

These are all sayings by Lykke Li herself from an interview by Charlotte Philby, which indicates her personal style and how to look like her. (Saturday, 23 August 2008)

I don’t like mixing colours, it confuses me. If I have the choice, I’ll always go for black, white or grey, but not all at the same time. I like having a simple look. If I do experiment, I’d rather work more with shapes than with colours. When I was a kid, my mum dressed me in the craziest things: hippie, psychedelic shorts, flower prints from India, all sorts of madness. But now I can choose!

If I do wear heels, I like stripper shoes. But I’ll never wear them with a tight top, only baggy. I don’t do “inbetweenie” heels; they’re either tiny or huge. When I wear heels, I always end up taking them off and walking home barefoot. These boots are by Acne; they were £250. They’re easy to walk in, and they give a good shape to your leg.

My look is quite androgynous. This is my mum’s jacket from the Eighties, which is more like a shirt. I like that it’s loose and casual, quite masculine, but then it’s made with this very feminine silk fabric. And it’s black, which helps. My mum got it in New York. I found a box of her old silk shirts and stole them all.

Bare legs aren’t suitable unless you’re really tall, or it’s really hot outside. I’m always cold. Sometimes I wear trousers, but they have to be high-waisted and loose and black. I like Seventies things. This black jumpsuit was a present from the designers at Minimarket; I chose it because it’s very casual but also very cool. It would have cost about £80.

I’ve collected jewellery from all over the world. I buy a silver chain in every city I visit. The kazoo on a silk chain I made myself. I also like having lots of rings: these are from India, Morocco and New York. I never wear gold – I’m not the Russian type – except for one necklace with my name printed on it, which I got in Brooklyn.

These are pictures of her another outstanding project, which is a photo shoot with one of a favorite up-and-coming labels, Bodkin. Known for their modern, eco-friendly styles and design.

All by Giorgio Armni. Photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin.

Uniqlo landed in the Heart of Paris, entertainment provided by Lykke Li.

Below are Lykke Li’s related videos from youtube. Her songs will take you to another world. They are too beautiful to be true. They make me cry…with happiness. Words can’t even describe this kind of beauty.

The song “possibility” for Newmoon soundtrack is also performed by her.


Levi’s® Curve ID – Lykke Li Interview

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