André Courrèges for 1960’s fashion

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André Courrèges was a french designer who was born in 1923 and he first worked for Balenciaga but later opened his own shop in 1961. In 1964, he introduced a world to his creation of long trousers for women as well as the go-go boots.  His designs were very unique, strang, and out-of-there, featuring PVC, shiny fabric, colours, and sequins, which really helped him created more of the “space look”. His collection was called “the moon girl look”, which really brought him to every attention and every since then he became so popular as fashion designer of 1960’s.

His moon girl collection was included high skirt in white and silver colours as well as geometric shapes. But that is not all, he was also very famous to bring in trousers suit to the fashion’s word and soon this style became such a big hit to the world.

In 1969, he created the “Gladiator girl look” with breastplate and helmet. This look was influenced by ancient Egyptians and contained outfits that made of heavily sequined bands held together by transparent silk. His models wore squared off bob wigs in metallic colours (bob style was very intrend at the period). He also created a pair of pure white ankle length boots with almost completely flat soles to accompany his collection in 1964. This simple boots because such a quite hit because they were relatively different from other shoe styles and soon he hed released his own version of “Courreges’s boot”.

In the same collection he also lunched the “space-age look” as well, which was a form of futurism. The outfits were crisply cut and mostly all white but sometimes with black accents and stripes. They are fun and lovely clothes for youths in that era.

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Pictures of Dior’s New Look in 1950

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Photographed by Henry Clarke, wearing Christian Dior 1950

 1950 Dior Ad campaign

Photographer Willy Maywald. Model, Christian Dior. Paris, 1947.

 A Dior suit, pencil skirt, in Vogue 1950’s


 Autumn/Winter 1945/5 from the Ligne-H collection, Dior ‘Zemire’ dress.

Christian Dior dressing up models before his fashion show

1950, Dior Ball Gown

Christian Dior helped the model to finish up the final look

Bettina Graziani in Dior 1950’s

Photographed by Frances McLaughlin-Gill, Dior 1950

 Dress Dior F/W 1956/57, Hat Dior F/W 1950

his Y-line

Photographed by Frances McLaughlin-Gill, wearing Dior 1950

A-line ensemble. Introduced by designer Christian Dior in the mid-1950s, A-line garments flared outwards toward the hem and de-emphasized the waist, creating a silhouette similar in appearanceto to the letter “A.”

Richard Avedon Dovima with elephants, evening dress by Dior Cirque d’hiver in 1955  

Dior’s faithful customer “Marlene Dietrich”

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Dietrich  had an understanding with Christian Dior, who dressed her both on and off screen; in fact, he was written into her contract. “No Dior, no Dietrich,” she told the producer of Hitchcock’s Stage Fright in 1950. She loved Dior and only preferred him. She ignored the legendary director’s final words that he had on all his characters’ costumes. “Dior was fashion,” she said. “Dior was good taste. I went to Dior when he first started. There hasn’t been any fashion since.” Chirstian Dior knew how to make her shape look its best. Everyone was shocked to see how his clothes could make her shape so beautifully.

Los Angeles Times Photo

Christian Dior helped Marlene Dietrich’s comeback when he designed her dress for the 1951 Oscars. As Dietrich came on stage to present the award for foreign-language film, she received a standing ovation. What caused the rise from the seats? The sleeveless bolero, showing her decolletage, a nipped waist, a silk velvet bow swaying on her hip. It was Dietrich who made the headlines the next day, not the nominees. One observer said it was a shame there’d been no medal for glamour.

Photo: Marlene Dietrich, shown with Dr. Mario Ungara, Italian consul, who was delegated to accept the foreign-language award for “The Walls of Malapaga.”

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Power dressing: the politics of the Oscars dress by Harriet Walker

Los Angeles Time

Dior “New Look”

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Dior new look was created in 1947. Christian Dior presented a fashion look with a fitted jacket with a nipped in waist and full calf length skirt. It was such a huge change from wartime styles. After the rationing of fabric during the Second World War, Dior’s plentiful use of material was a bold and shocking stroke. His style used yards and yards of fabric. Approximately 10 yards was used for early styles. Later Dior used up to 80 yards for newer refinements that eliminated bulk at the waist.

The New Look and new approach to fashion was a major post war turning point in Fashion History.

On February 12, 1947, Christian Dior presented his collection to the public, and fashion people immediately predicted it would put Paris back on the map as the capital of fashion. The success of the New Look led to the opening of Christian Dior New York, making Christian Dior the first European designer with a ready-to-wear salon in the United States. By 1957, Dior products were available in 15 countries and Dior himself was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine.

1955 – The A,H,Y-line Style from Dior

In 1954 and 1955, he designed three closely related collections, based on the shapes of the letters H, A, and Y, which marked a move away from the strongly emphasized, nipped-in waist that had been the dominant silhouette since his 1947 “Corolle Line” which was inspried by a flower shape collection. The most influential of these was Dior’s garments gave a more feminine appeal for women in terms of fashion. The voluminous look also added to the femininity of a woman. The Princess Line launched in the year 1953 soon became popular and Dior also popularized the trend of wearing A-line skirts.

The H-line of 1954 was a slender tunic suit with a slim skirt that later became more of a dropped waist tubular twenties style dress with a hemline that was creeping upwards. This would become a classic 1950s fashion garment. The H-Line was better suited for evening wear.

The “A-Line” in 1955 collection, characterized by narrow shoulders and a smooth, trumpetlike flare toward the hem; the elongated waistline, either high under the bust or dropped toward the hips, formed the crossbar of the A. The signature look of this collection was a fingertip-length flared jacket worn over a dress with a very full, pleated skirt; while it was clearly an A-shape, this silhouette was quite different from what was later meant by “A-line.”

The “Y” collection in 1955  emphasised on the shoulder instead of a pleated skirt in A line and changed the silhouette into slim skirts for more modern and smart looks.

Dior’s New Look of 1947 and the Bar design

Dior’s timing made his name in fashion history. After the war women longed for playfulness in dress and desired feminine clothes that did not look like a civilian version of a military uniform. Life magazine called Dior’s Corolle line the New Look in 1947. Evening versions of the New Look were very glamorous and consisted of strapless boned tops with full skirts and were extremely feminine. The shaped fitted jacket Dior designed with his New Look full skirt was also teamed with a straight mid calf length skirt. Women usually wore just underwear beneath the buttoned up jacket, or filled in the neckline with a satin foulard head scarf, dickey or bib.

Each of his collections throughout this period had a theme. Spring 1947 was “Carolle” or “figure 8,” a name that suggested the silhouette of the new look with its prominent shoulders, accentuated hips, and small waist. The spring 1953 collection was just like “Tulip,” featured an abundance of floaty, flowery prints. Spring 1955’s “A-line,” with its undefined waist and smooth silhouette that widened over the hips and legs, resembled a capital “A.”

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Christian Dior’s biography…

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BIOGRAPHY (credit to

1905 Born in Granville on the Gulf of St Malo on the Normandy coast, as the second of five children a wealthy fertiliser manufacturer.

1910 The family move to Paris and Dior enrols at the Lycée Gerson

1923 To please his father, Dior studies at the Ecole des Sciences Politiques (Sciences Po’) to prepare to join the diplomatic corps.

1928 Opens a modern art gallery, Galerie Jacques Bonjean, with a friend and financial backing from his father.

1931 The Dior family business folds in the depression. Forced to close the gallery, Dior scrapes a living by selling his art collection and fashion sketches to couturiers.

1938 The couturier Robert Piguet employs Dior as a design assistant at his new couture house.

1939 When World War II begins, Dior is called up into the French Army, but is demobilised after a year when France surrenders and joins his family on a farm in Provence.

1941 Returns to Paris to work as a design assistant to Lucien Lelong.

1946 After World War II ends, Dior persuades the industrialist Marcel Boussac to back him in the opening of his own couture house to be managed by the civil servant Jacques Rouët.

1947 On 12 February Dior presents his debut couture collection, which is an instant success dubbed the ‘New Look’ for its voluptuous silhouette and luxurious fabrics. Launch of the first Dior perfume, Miss Dior.

1948 Dior and Rouët open a ready-to-wear boutique in New York and, over the next few years, launch new perfumes and negotiate the licensing rights for Christian Dior hosiery, ties and other products.

1950 Designs a dress for Marlene Dietrich in Alfred Hitchcock’s Stage Fright and, the following year, a suit for Dietrich in No Highway in the Sky.

1954 After years of variations on the New Look, Dior unveils his new direction, the French Bean Line or Flat Look.

1955 Yves Mathieu-Saint-Laurent joins Dior as a design assistant. The Grande Boutique opens on Avenue Montaigne and Dior launches a cosmetics range.

1956 Designs over a dozen dresses for Ava Gardner in The Little Hut.

1957 Christian Dior dies of a heart attack after choking on a fishbone while on a rest cure at a spa in Montecatini, Italy. Dior’s funeral in Paris is attended by more than 2,500 people. Yves Saint Laurent is named as Dior’s successor and unveils his first collection in January 1958.

Videos associated with Christian Dior and his “New Look”

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These are the videos from about Dior in 1950 and the “New Look” he created. At that time, we can notice that he was a main influence, a muse to the fashion world. His designs were everywhere, for instant in movies like Ms Arris goes Parris, Indiscreet or Stage Flight or even on famous people’s clothes and gowns. He was the man behind the tremendous change in 1950 fashion history after WWl was endded.

Chritain Dior had such a great passion for movie in which he had designed for many theater, films, and movies. However, he stopped and only focused on his desings. He thught that it was too unfair to his clients to pay a lot of money for his cloth while everybody could still see it on the screen.

Assignment 1

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After I wandered around the city & outside for a week through many places (Suanlum Night,Pattaya,Ratchada Night,Saparn Put,JJ Market,Siam Square,etc…) im familiar with, theses are trends I noticed that are being quite a hit right now; round sunglasses, mushroom hairstyle, hippie look, and stripe trend.

Round sunglasses are very adorable and trendy that can easily make people look so chic and fabulous. I’m also a big fan of this type of sunglasses, Linda Farrow and Sonia Rykiel in particular. They can fit with any styles of clothings and I personally believe that more and more of Bangkok people will start to wear them. Maybe, becuase they already get bored of the Raybans that can be seen everywhere.

Mushroom Hairstyle can seriously be seen more and more right now, both men and women. Before I only see this style on men but not anymore, many chic and trendy women have this haircut and I think it really looks so duper cool. It can look real hot and sexy with red lips and tight dresses and it also can be very cute and casual with just jeans and sneakers.  

Hippie look is absolutely eye-catching and fashionable. This style super suits with the hot weather in Thailand. Hippie look is just too adorable that I start to follow and wear it. It can look a bit naugthy too in a cute way. It can be like a cowboy, old floral prints, or faded denims or even Native-American style. The trend in BKK before encoraged women to wear only leggings, stockings, lace, tight dresses, short skirts, all black, etc so hippie is a perfect choice now becuase it breaks those old styles into something new and interesting like a boots or loose & colorful shirts.

Stripe, stripe, stripe !! No one can deny the fact that stripe trend is very intrend right now. It seems that this trend can  be observed all the time becuase of it casual sense and pretty look that this trend gives to alomost every wearer. It can be in form of long dresses, shirts, skirts, or even shoes and bags. The most popular would be in form of   long dresses, following by tops.

“Walking home in the night 
Colours shine, city lights
Water drops through the trees
Wash the dust from the leaves
Concentric circles
Lead To Home…”
(Basement Tape, Circles)